Blocking-Out-that-Writer’s-BlockJust a quick rant really. I have done absolutely nothing on this blog at the moment and it is driving me nuts because I want to blog, and yet I log onto blog and nothing comes out, I can’t think about anything to talk/blog about. Its not like I don’t do anything, I recently went to a book launch hosted in the RBS building near Heron Towers, I saw Giselle at the Royal Opera House, it was stunning. I had dinner at The Drift and I can’t wait to go back for more cocktails and good food, it really was fantastic. I guess its not even that I don’t have enthusiasm for The Pink Cashmere, its that I just have a mental block on blogging.
I’ve googled bloggers block, writers block etc and well whilst I come across some good articles and blogs I just can’t seem to get out of this rut. Does anyone have a good tip to get over this?  HELP ME I’M STUCK!

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2 Thoughts on “Urgh

  1. Hey,

    Just seen this post and I completely know where you’re coming from. Personally, I think that everytime you do something such as go for a fancy meal, have yummy expensive cocktails, visit exciting places etc TAKE PICTURES and really write about everything in so much detail. Perhaps recommend your favourite place to eat? There is sooo much to blog about especially in your world! I think you should do a post on what you’re wearing today? Or show us your wardrobe so people like me can have a nosey! Or what beauty products you carry around in your handbag on a daily basis! The list is endless and just because all these things may seem boring to you because it’s just normal, for people like me and all your followers it’s exciting and interesting! I love your blog – now get blogging missy!!!! I’m going to blog more today too! We should do a little collaboration soon!

    Hope this helps chicka!

    Bissous xxxx

  2. Thank you,
    Your right, sometimes things that seem mundane and everyday are actually quite interesting, I know I love having a nose at what other bloggers are wearing, using etc…
    Yes we should collaborate at some point!


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