My Old School

~So we weren’t quite like this, but….you get the picture~

I never really loved going to school (as my mum can attest to), but that doesn’t stop me appreciating that I went to a good one.
So the school I went to until sixth form has changed from a girls school to a co-ed, and whilst I shouldn’t care considering I am not interested in having children just yet (read as, until I move out of home, have good income etc etc.) I am actually left feeling a little saddened by this change. Not because it affects me in the slightest right now, but I had always thought if I ever had a daughter then said school (I won’t name names) would be top of my list for where to send her, and now quite frankly it will never make the list. I’m not against co-ed schools, I’ve attend both, but through my experience I can thoroughly say that I much preferred the environment of the tiny little girls school I went to, I liked the ethos and atmosphere there, the fact that we could run around like muppets, do cartwheels, play on the playground (which was for the junior school, but oh well it was fun) and generally not care if our skirts fly up or a button rips on our shirt. I liked that if you really felt like sh*t you didn’t really have to care about looking and being a wonderful little lady in front of the boys (not that I cared much in general). I liked that our old headmistress had such a wonderful feminist ethos, that we can be and do what we want to do, whether it be CEO or housewife. Now with it becoming fully co-ed I just fell, well, cold about it. I know there are tons of arguments for why co-ed’s are better, but there are tons of arguments for why they aren’t.
But what I am really left thinking is, for those parents who choose to send their daughter to an all girls school, to suddenly find that maybe halfway through their daughters education the school will now be accepting boys, what do they do? I would hate to be in that position, scrambling for places at girls schools that rival the academic and pastoral care received at the current one. Because choosing for a single sex school is not taken lightly, I can only imagine it will be a very different school in the future, I hope it continues to be a good school, because when I look back on my school life, it really was a lovely place to be.

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BMW Is Epic

So I am probably a bit biased with my love of BMW’s but hey-ho anyone will appreciate just how cool this video is.
It gets less shaky after a few seconds.

Taking a Second

IMG_3084Can we just take a second to just be in aww of the sheer cuteness of this dog! I mean seriously, Lolly is so naughty, he pulls Scruff around by his tail most of the day, and when he’s not doing that he’s stalking Snowbelle (the cat) or hiding pigs ears in our beds (gross!) but my my if he isn’t just so adorable, butter wouldn’t melt, seriously trying to be mad at this little guy is impossible!

The Winters Tale

I went to see The Winters Tale at the Royal Opera House earlier this year and I am pleased to say that I really enjoyed it. However, the first act I felt was not fully worked out and just wasn’t “there” enough. However the second and third act really made up for the first. The choreography, the costumes, the set design (which was just incredible) the music, and above all the story, were all just so incredible. Whilst I will not say that this ballet enthralled me as much as La Bayadere, for example, I would happily see it again and can see why the critics are raving about it… even if my grandmother was a little less impressed…2014-06-02_14-08-21

Aqua (Argyll St)


~Rose & Li~

So after afternoon tea, D and I met up with Amy over at Aqua (Argyll St, you can read my review of Breakfast at Aqua Shard, here) for cocktails in the sun. I love this place and I love the cocktails, the terrace is a lovely sun trap and it felt so much warmer than it really was. There is just something so lovely about looking down at the passing world below with a cocktail in hand. My unwavering favourite cocktail here, is the Rose & Li, urgh its just SO good! I really recommend this place for anyone who wants a good cocktail, to be looked after well by the excellent staff (one of our rounds of cocktails was very slow to come out…so we got free shots!) and to anyone who wants a little slice of heaven tucked away above the hustle and bustle of Regents St with marvellous views. And would you believe it… I didn’t take one picture of the view.

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Oman Part I, The Chedi


~View from my room~

Where to start with Oman?… Well first things first, the hotel.
So our base was Muscat and we really couldn’t decide where to stay… joking, as soon as we saw a picture of The Chedi we knew we had to stay there! It is stunning. Some of the reviews were a little…grumpy, I mean one person complained about the fact that its under the flight path… Muscat airport is not Gatwick, I think I noticed one or two planes in my whole stay, and personally I quite like watching them glide through the sky so… Seriously I urge you to ignore those negative reviews and stay here. One of things that really attracted us to The Chedi was the fact it wasn’t a HUGE hotel, it felt spacious, well thought out, natural, elegant, stylish, the perfect mix of traditional architecture and minimalist, it felt more like a boutique hotel which is what I prefer when looking for somewhere to stay. Everyone was so attentive, you didn’t have to lift a finger and it was like the staff  were always one step ahead and ready to help, before you even realised you wanted to turn your sun lounger around they were there to help. And heaven forbid one should go hungry/thirsty whilst tanning, there was always someone there to top up your water, offer a drink from the bar, food, and in the morning they would come along with fruit platters, the late afternoon a juice. The best thing about all this help was that it didn’t even feel like anyone was there until you needed them, nothing was overbearing, just chilled and relaxed.
The food was fantastic in all restaurants, and you can even get macaroons, nom nom nom! The cocktails, and more specifically the mocktails were so good (Lychee Illusion became my seaside drink of choice), although I would give the lavender martini a miss…unless you want to end up plastered to the floor after it.
I really loved this hotel, everything from the staff to the spa, to the gym (oh my the Gym was stunning) to the room was just perfect, I didn’t want to leave. Next time I am in Muscat I will definitely be booking a room at The Chedi, no competition!








~Lychee Illusion~


I’m Off

IMG_2622I’m off on another adventure, this time to Malaysia (Langkawi & KL) and Dubai. I will be back to posting towards the end of this month. I was in Malaysia back in 2012, you can read about my trip here. Be sure to keep coming back as I have a few posts lined up for while I am away, one of which is about my time in Oman earlier this year! And I am sure I will be spamming instagram so be sure to following along on Instagram and twitter ^_^.